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Personalized Learning Solution (PLS)

The BitSchool PLS will help learners establish clear individual learning paths accurately reflecting their abilities and guide them on their paths to excellence. PLS has 3 components plus the On-demand Tutor. Both education institutions and learners will benefit as follows.


Personalized Learning Solution (PLS)

PLS Learning / Test

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“as a teacher I find the class PLS feature a great tool for assessment and to preempt where extra intervention might be needed” - Caroline Chisholm School, Northampton, UK

“this would be really worthwhile for teachers, especially in a flipped classroom scenario, allowing them to track student progress, amount of time spent, overall score, areas of strength and weakness” - The Academy at Shotton Hall, Peterlee, UK

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Incentivize contents creators through


BitSchool blockchain-based ‘Paid Per Use’ system will enable education contents creators to trace their contents transactions and get paid. This blockchain-powered Intellectual Property Management System will empower the creation of contents and help us build an evolving data pool of educational contents.

Realize equal learning opportunity through


BitSchool GoGreenFund opens the door to applying cutting-edge technology to realizing equal learning opportunities by blockchain-based token scholarships. As the token scholarship will only be circulated on our platform, it also acts as an effective token stabilization mechanism.

Market Size and Potential

BitSchool targets both the eLearning and global tutoring market with a combined revenue of $255B in 2016 and estimated growth to $376B by 2021.As our Adaptive Assessment App nears completion and Smart Test Solution is already an up-and-running solution, we plan to start sell our Personalized Learning Solution globally from 2019 and estimate a $9.8M revenue for FY2019.

Projection is for FY2019

Project Roadmap

Token Distribution

Total Token Supply 500,000,000 BSCH

MAX CAP: 375,000,000 Tokens

1ETH = 6,000 Tokens

MIN CAP: 10,000,000 Tokens

Token Distribution

Public Fund Distribution

Our Team

The BitSchool team consists of a group of teachers, tutors, students, software developers, global business experts, blockchain experts, neuroscientists, Artificial Intelligence experts and parents, passionate about developing excellence in education. The team has a combined 50 years of experience providing high quality education to a wide range of demographics.


Kiung (Tom) Ku


Tom has extensive years of experience in the financial sector as a risk-management expert before he received his MBA from Columbia University in 2007. After his MBA, Tom worked for Ernst & Young, New York as a risk-management and –system consultant and from 2010, founded his Top MBA Admission Consulting Firm and also developed the Online Admission Consulting Platform ( in 2016. Tom is an expert in Global Business, Education, and IT Design and Development.

Colin Jung

CEO Asia Pacific / Co-Founder

Colin is the CEO of Entercube and has over 20 years experience as a System Integration specialist and IT project manager. He holds an Electrical Engineering BS and EMBA from Seoul National University.

Philip Leipper


Phil is a Computer Science teacher in the UK with over 6 years experience delivering high quality education. He also has over 12 years programming and development experience including full stack web development. As a computer science major, Phil is an extremely talented IT system designer and developer, and has worked for various IT projects. Most recently, based on his teaching experience and IT expertise, Phil has designed and developed the Adaptive Learning App built upon an Artificial Intelligence Algorithm (AI) and is also heading the design and implementation of the blockchain technology at BitSchool.

Aiden K Moon

CSO / Co-Founder

Aiden is an accomplished serial entrepreneur and the CEO / Founder of the global marketing communications group – UNICESS. He is also a Venture Capitalist, Accelerator, Crypto Influencer and has completed multiple successful ICO projects and acts as strategy advisor to many current projects. He majored in Business Administration at Yonsei University and received his EMBA from Seoul National University.

Team Members

Bad Edwards


Bad has worked in marketing, brand management, database marketing and market research for telecoms, IT, satellite TV and fast consumer goods industries in UK and Asia. She holds a Diploma in Computer Science, BSc (Honors) in Operational Research with Computing from University of Leeds, UK and Postgraduate in ICT teaching. Currently, the Head of Computer Studies in a UK high school and a teacher in IT and Computer Science. Bad has been in the education industry for 15 years.

James Lee

Graphic Specialist

James has been a graphic designer for 7 years and participated in a number of ICO project helping them with everything from graphics to community management.

Evan Stanfield

Marketing Manager

Evan is a Digital Marketing Specialist, Web Analyst, and Graphic Designer with over a decade of experience behind a computer. Expertise in print design, digital campaign creation, and identifying correlations between numbers. With a background in brand marketing, analytics and graphic design at one of the top education production firms in the country and at one of the leading behavioral health providers in Los Angeles, Evan has created a well versed set of skills that allows him to tap into mind of any target audience.

Deok Gun Park

Chief AI Architect

Duck received a BS in electrical engineering in 2000 and an MS in biomedical engineering in 2002 at Seoul National University, South Korea. Before coming to the US to obtain his doctoral degree, Duck mainly worked in IT Architect positions at cutting-edge IT startups. He is currently pursuing and will receive a PhD in computer science at the University of Maryland in May 2018 and has interned at Google, IBM Watson, and MS. His areas of research and expertise span Visual Analytics, Text Mining, and Artificial General Intelligence. Duck will head and be the core designer of BitSchool’s AI R&D Center.

Lina Kim

Executive Assistant / Market Researcher

Lina holds significant experience as a seasoned executive assistant at major multinational corporations and also expertise in marketing research, brand management and strategy, and brand communication. Her experience crosses diverse industries including banking, consumer products and education.

Matthew Bowen

Backend Developer

Matthew is a software engineer and computer scientist from the UK with over 10 years software development experience. He has led a successful career in industry, working as a computer scientist at CERN contributing to the CMS experiment, and then later as a software engineer for GE Oil & Gas, developing robust software deployed to high-risk natural environments. He’s passionate about making a difference, and has spent 10 years teaching Japanese martial arts to school children, as well as having volunteered for 5 years as the leader of the Debate & Current Affairs section of The Student Room, the world’s largest online student community.

Michael Leipper

Frontend Developer

Mike is a junior developer who specializes in front end web development and whose particular talents include React, JavaScript and angular 2.0. He has recently undertaken a 4 year computer science course at the open university while holding a full time management position at a leading UK betting shop demonstrating both his hard-work attitude and willingness to succeed. Mike intends to specialize in big data analytics which is something that will form a perfect synergy for his future here at BitSchool.

Michael Demetriou

Blockchain Developer

Michael is an engineer and entrepreneur with 10 years of work experience. He has studied at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Cyprus with a minor in Management. His experience spans professional photography and car journalism, construction, project management and structural engineering, product design and web/mobile/blockchain applications development. His resume also includes diverse leadership roles such as co-founder, design lead in nemomobile open source OS project and former council member at the Maemo Community.

Dalibor Štefanac

Community Manager

Dalibor graduated from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Graphic Arts, and has acquired skills in visual communication and graphic technology. He is specialized in 3D photorealistic visualizations.

Course Admins

Tegan Macmillan

Course Admin

Wapping High School
Teacher of Science and Steam

Andy Percival

Course Admin

Shirley High School
Head of ICT and Business

Jaspal Singh

Course Admin

Loughborough High School
Director of Academic IT

Christakis Demetriou

Course Admin

Willow Brook Primary School Academy
ICT Leader

Student Team

Our student team consists of the best and brightest students that were mentored by teachers from within our team. They have been chosen for their consistent hard work and drive towards becoming future software developers and have all demonstrated abilities and potentials far above their peers or grade level. These students will take active roles in the development and deployment of the future of BitSchool and help develop learning based games and act as sounding boards by contributing their invaluable student insights in forming the BitSchool AI Database and tools.

Krzysztof Dobrzycki

Student Games Developer

Jacob Burney

Student Games Developer


Dr. Choi

Associate Professor of George Washington University
AI eLearning program and technology advisor

Dr. Choi received a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and is currently the Program Director of the Assessment, Testing, and Measurement program at GWU. His research areas include Next Generation Assessment Models and Intelligent Assessment Engineering System. He will lead the partnership with BitSchool from the CAFA side.

Prof. IK Song

Professor at Korea University / Hotfund Founder
Finance / Investment Advisor

Prof. Song is a Master of Technology professor at Korea University where he lectures Technology Investment including Blockchain, Coin & Token and ICO. He has been Head of Global Alternative Investment at Korea Post Insurance with USD 30 Bn AUM. Prof. Song has also a proven record of organizing global investment conferences including the Crypto Forum. He received an economics major at Seoul National University, an MBA from Wharton, and his PhD from Seoul City University.

Edouard Brauer

President / Co-Founder of IRDNA
Neuroscience and education technology advisor

Edouard has over 20 years’ experience in competitive intelligence, strategy building, business management and investing advisory, and has advised early-stage and major IT companies in corporate finance, strategy, IPOs and M&A. In 2016 he co-founded IRDNA which specializes in virtual/augmented reality, big data, gamification, Machine Learning and AI.

Scott Douglas

Founder of Blockchain.Edu & Crypto Improvement Fund
Blockchain/Business Strategy Advisor

A growth-focused leader and seasoned business strategist with a passion for bleeding edge technologies. Scott has worked with several high profile companies such as Cisco, Bell, Avaya and NEC. He has worked in the enterprise space, consulting on complex networking, telecommunication and SAAS projects. With a proficiency in project management, sales, leadership, scaling and improving operational efficiencies in F500 companies, he is an industry leader in knowledge pertaining to fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurreny.

Ian Van Der Linde

Vision Science Professor of Anglia Ruskin University
AI Design / Development Advisor

Dr. Ian van der Linde is currently a faculty member at the Computing & Technology Department of Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and Chelmsford and has achieved remarkable accomplishments in using computer modelling and experimental psychology to study the human visual system.

Khalil Belmouddene

Founder / CEO of
Strategic Marketing Advisor

Khalil is the Founder & CEO of, a crypto online news channel with 20,000 monthly viewership. Khalil is a well-known figure and influencer in the global crypto community.

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